CKSD Outsourcing Solutions

CKSD will help you gain an understanding of the various outsourcing options and models to best fit your company, Our recommendations balance both long-term strategic goals and short-term tactical priorities grounded in a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ vision, key business drivers, and constraints.

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Feasibility Outsourcing Road map

 Requirements are prioritized to develop a roadmap with actionable recommendations, attainable milestones, and realistic timelines for implementation. 

Creative Team

We work to three simple rules – we listen, we hear and we do. By taking time to listen to what you say, we hear what you need and do what you want.


Our strategy provides a holistic view of the sourcing landscape based on our deep understanding of industry needs, service provider capabilities and emerging technology trends. 

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Feasibility Outsourcing Road Map

F.O.R.M has been designed to maximise the value that your business can derive from offshoring, fully encompassing your current challenges, your strengths, your niche, your local workforce and most importantly, your vision for your future. .

Making Outsourcing Work for You

 Here’s a rough outline of 9 things you can expect in the first 90 days of partnering with CKSD Outsourcing Solutions—with some tips to help you make it a success.

Did You Know ?

When you partner with CKSD Outsourcing Solutions we help you build your process over the 1st 90 days with SystemHub,

1.The CKSD team works with you (the client) to gather all requirements and create a custom project plan. This is where the good stuff begins. You, the client, are responsible for detailing all your needs, wants, must-haves, like-to-haves, pipe dreams and deal-breakers. This is the nitty-gritty numbers-sharing stage, where you need to lay out all your cards. CKSD Outsourcing Solutions is responsible for gathering the information, confirming understanding and synthesizing a plan to make your expectations a reality (and setting expectations if they are not reality).

2.An assigned CKSD Manager is your main point of contact during the launch process and will communicate dependencies, timelines, risks and overall project status. Make sure you like this person, because you will be in close contact for at least three months. This is your person, your guide, your advisor through the process. Ask questions and be sure you understand and are satisfied with progress. If not, speak up!

3.The Agent Acquisition team will find the right agents with the necessary skills for your program either within its existing independent agent community or externally using its sourcing website. Be clear about what you want and don’t want in the agents who will be interacting with your customers. They will be the face of your brand and potentially the only person a customer interacts with…so set your standards high.

4.Using your historical and projected business statistics, the CKSD Management team will analyze the data and determine the number of agents needed to ensure service levels are met and that there is a ramp plan in place to help you scale your business. This is an important step. Your initial discussions and plan included required service levels and growth projections—this is where the “rubber meets the road,” as it were, to staff up. One of the biggest benefits of working with a contractor is the ability to quickly and easily adjust your staffing when there is a surge in business or (fingers crossed this doesn’t happen) a dip. Contractors can quickly call upon additional resources, train them and get them working for you to ensure consistent, quality service for all your customers.

5.The CKSD team will work closely with your Training resource or Subject Matter Expert, review your current training materials and recommend an approach that engages agents, Training is a big factor in success and another area where contractors offer an advantage. The depth and breadth of experience in creating and implementing training programs likely far surpasses your experience—which means it will be much more effective and more efficient. Virtual learning is an effective training tool and makes for streamlined assessment—leading to faster recognition and implementation of additional training requirements.

6.CKSD will partner with you to define technical requirements for your program There are many moving parts on CKSD’s side to ensure success Again, listen, ask questions, provide input and feedback and help shape your successful program.

7.CKSD Management and Onboarding will shepherd agents through the process and assist with agent readiness Another big benefit CKSD offers is role-playing with live feedback, giving agents “real-world” In addition to the training they received, putting those skills to work in a low-risk environment build confidence and helps improve the customer experience when agents interact with customers.

8.Starting on day 1 the CKSD team will begin gathering agent data that is the foundation for performance-based agent and program optimization. At the end of the first 90 days, the program is only just beginning! Your involvement with the program will lessen but still be important as refinements are made to ensure KPIs are met, and ultimately, that customers are satisfied with the service they are receiving. Ongoing optimization will ensure continued success.

9.Up and running, customers are receiving the information they need, and you are back to doing what you set out to do. Congratulations! A smooth and successful outsourced program is set-up this is no small feat—it takes time, effort, energy and commitment. Now that it is established, expect regular check-ins and updates along with more time to do what you love.

Good luck and happy BPO-ing!