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Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this maparticle. My strength is more aligned with listening to business owners, understanding their individual problems and defining a well thought out strategy to meet their outsourcing goals and not so much in writing but I feel compelled to dish out some free advice.

The one common thread I have learnt is nearly all companies share the same misconceptions of outsourcing let’s face it outsourcing can be a scary thing if you’ve never experienced it before, and even if you have ventured down the path in the past you may have found that it was a disappointment or at best took a long time to find the right person only to have them up and leave you after a few months after hours of hard work and training, of course, we do have many success stories the question being apart from blind luck why are some companies lucky and some not.

As outsourcing becomes a major part of the business culture getting it right is of prime importance, to fully realize the benefits which come from outsourcing like cost reduction, time to work on your business instead of in it, access to specialist skills which would be unaffordable or to high risk to invest in, the latest technology or trends which give you the competitive edge you were looking for. The stakes are high.

For the last 2 years, I worked for a well-known company in the BPO industry helping or, trying to help hundreds of SME’s navigate the rough road to outsourcing success, it has been a mostly pure joy to see the results come to bear, other times a complete nightmare. What I gleaned from my time on this super highway to cost savings is simply this, those companies which took the time to build a relationship with their new outsourcing partner, especially over the first 90 days, built or implemented an already existing process (SOP software) and plan a tactical approach where the ones who received the benefits.

So, what’s the secret to everyone being a success no matter what the size of your company?

I believe it’s having a Comprehensive Business Outsourcing Roadmap

For serious players who wish to get outsourcing right from the start and avoid costly mistakes, crave peace of mind knowing that they have chosen an outsourcing strategy that will both maximise their ROI and at the same time minimize risk. the outsourcing roadmap will better enable you to have a structured definitive route and if needed be able to communicate the pros, cons, risks and rewards of offshoring with your stakeholders, ultimately leading to better-informed decision making.

Key Outcomes

• A vast knowledge and understanding of all your options as well as the associated risks and benefits

• An insider’s advantage with new insights on how to manage the inevitable cultural and communication gaps that exist between Filipino and other countries culture.

• An aligned management team with a broader understanding of the secrets of building and nurturing a highly productive offshore team. From hiring, recruitment and leadership through to communication, business process and knowledge transfer strategies.

• A complete, customised and comprehensive all-encompassing strategic blueprint that clearly outlines and articulates the chosen strategy.

With a prospective client, I will start with a small discovery session this enables us to define the objective and identify your desired outcome and alignment of goals.

As we progress we gain an understanding of the various options and models available, advantages and disadvantages, associated risks and benefits with their possible long-term impact on your company.

Defining your Strategy

• Review of proposed models and realignment with desired outcomes.

• Risk Mitigation strategy: Addressing all identified risks associated with your business offshoring strategy

• Costs and Savings Schedule: Expected setup costs, net savings and cash-flow impacts.

• Comprehensive list of market salary rates for all required skillsets.

• Comparison of overhead/office/seat costs, local versus the Philippines.

• Recruitment, Induction and Training Program: The secret to building highly effective offshore teams.

The last and sometimes more protracted part for larger corporations, of course, key decision makers here methodology comes into its own.

Management & Stakeholders

• Getting stakeholder buy-in. Recommendations for informing your local team to gain their support and important advice about how to manage the HR implications.

• Technology & security analysis that includes infrastructure control, data security and physical security and identifying your hardware and software requirements.

• Phase 1 Planning: identify any projects and actions required before commencement.

• Technology role requirements: identify what apps, data and security are needed for each role.

There is of cause more to a successful completion of the move to outsource parts of your business but truly if you start off on a solid footing with the knowledge of both parties combined into a simple formula called a roadmap success most surely follow.

As I now advise as an independent I am able to choose the companies and partners more wisely, get away from the churn and burn (get more seats than you lose) I have adopted this route and utilize it across many areas So here to a successful outsourcing experience.

Jonathan Oaten is a Business Connector/BPO Specialist who works with people of influence to bring change for the good of business through the outsourcing world.

www.cksdsolutions.com contact: jonathan@cksdsolutions.com

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