Not Just Another Article Selling You Outsourcing

Not Just Another Article Selling You Outsourcing

Jonathan Oaten

Jonathan Oaten

We all know the benefits of outsourcing by now unless you have been living or running your business beneath a rock for the last few years. Yes, its true you can save on outgoings, yes you have access to technology your company cannot afford unless you team up with a good outsourcing company and believe me the face of outsourcing over the next few years will demand this, but I digress because let’s face it, we all must advertise 😊.

Today though I wish to write about another side of outsourcing, the guys on the ground actually doing the work and a human side of our business CKSD Outsourcing Solutions. Whilst I was updating our website with our Corporate Social Responsibility section it really drilled home where I am now living and the impact the owners and myself have on our local community.

I was lucky enough to be educated in the UK and like yourselves lived in a 1st world country where poverty is real, but the government is always there to help those who wish to accept it. The Philippines is anything but 1st world, there is no free education, health or real social welfare, the locals are the welfare, the guys who do all your outsourced work don’t go the pub or wine bar on a Friday night after work, they go home, most compared to our western standard of homes would be deemed illegal, or health hazards at best, add to this the usual 2 hour ride on a jeepney to get home from work and wow its amazing your team members even want to work

The money they do earn (20,000 pesos) in our western world is around $500 a month is mostly disbursed to the family, not just Mom & Dad, but Granny, Grandad and the cousin or sibling who shows most promise of doing well in education as remember school is not free it costs money and is not very good.

Have you noticed though those of you who have outsourced, or presently using the Philippines as your outsourcing country of choice, your guys are generally a happy bunch, very giving and mostly excited to get involved, if this not the case maybe have a closer look for the company you currently outsource with, as I know from firsthand experience that some companies here talk the talk with the advertising and yes your company benefits from the usual cost saving etc. but your team member is not getting paid properly let alone benefits being distributed correctly but that’s another story.

Now I am not saying that the above is uniform across the country, but one would quite confidently say at least 80% of the outsourcing workers community would fall under my statements. So, when you are choosing to outsource you are not just helping your business, you are helping an entire family, your team members self-worth, (most educated locals who do not have access to outsourcing work are really subject to choose between 7/11, Jollibee or the local supermarket for work) you are making a huge contribution.

Which I guess brings us to CKSD Outsourcing Solutions, are we different than most outsourcing companies here in the Philippines?

Well yes, to a certain degree, firstly we are local owned and ran, in fact I am the only foreigner working here, we have our charity   Children’s Better Life Program, Inc( ran by Reabelle Damasco Belle the Founder of Children’s Better Life Program, Inc’s (CBLP, Inc) Director of CSR for CKSD Outsourcing Solutions it was as I mentioned earlier in this article the reason I got moved to write this piece because for every person we employ on behalf of our clients we donate  money every month for the life of the contract. We also got involved with building the library, reskilling the youth and general food and clothing programs we don’t just talk the talk we walk the walk.

We also help your team members when things go a bit south in their personal lives because when things go wrong here the results are quite magnified as there is no real social help apart from the community and family. I have firsthand experience of their kindness my friends came to my need when life took a complicated twist.

I not saying that CKSD Outsourcing solutions should be your outsourcing partner because we are a community driven company, firstly we may not be the best fit for your companies needs and secondly we do not do things on the cheap to win your business, as we give to the community we also give to our clients in value add like free access to most of business partners software and latest technology and that costs us money I really wrote this article to shed light on the other side of outsourcing because seeing the kids and the changes we implement with every job we create it does make you feel better as a person and I thought it might be nice to share that.


3 thoughts on “Not Just Another Article Selling You Outsourcing”

  1. Interesting, so what you are saying is that only 20% of companies are paying full wages and government benefits to their employees? This would have to be one of the most outrageous statements I’ve ever read! Get real Jonathan, and the team at CKSD. Has anyone checked these facts?

    The Children’s Better Life program is a great incentive – well done on this, and as the only Foreigner ‘working’ there I applaud you on your involvement.

    Keep up the good work with the kids but do watch you unsubstantiated accusations against other companies. Especially quoting unbelievable figures like 80% of companies not paying correctly!!

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts, when I meant 80% it was by our standards the difficulty of life I wished to bring to readers attention, by no means do 80% of all outsourcing companies charge and hold on to benefit payments, there are companies that do I am sorry that was not made clearer, I guess as i wrote the article I did not see that the mention of that would be herded into the 80%. I do not wish to mention names as that would lead to slander etc, just really wanted to bring to light another side of outsourcing to a more personal level.

      I hope this clears up the mistake in my presentation. As for the charity that always comes 1st as a company we are very committed to that course and will be posting some updates over the next few days.

      Many thanks, John Smith for your observation and kind words.

  2. Thanks for the perspective, Jonathan. It is a very thought provoking article and a hidden benefit of outsourcing. Sometimes, businesses owners who outsource don’t realize the impact they are making on their hired staff’s lives but you guys make the effort to show how hard Filipinos work and how much they sacrifice. Thanks for the well-thought out article, looking forward to more posts like this!!

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