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document your core processes and procedures. have ours for free.

CKSD have teamed up with SystemHub to assist our clients to reduce the time showing and correcting their staff on how to complete tasks. Now they document the smart operating procedures (SOPs) once, they have the team follow them this enables our clients to skyrocket their time efficiency and profitability

Training & Staff Development

Training and skills development of your staff is an on-going procedure to maintain your competitive edge in an expanding market. It is about improving knowledge and skills as an individual or as part of a group; it’s about making it easier for you to do what you do, increasing productivity and making a greater impact with your organisation.

Experts in Talent Acquisition

Our in-depth process is customized to suit each client’s needs. Our recruiters are experts at analyzing each position, determining the most effective recruiting strategies and then executing on the strategies. We produce several highly qualified candidates for each role; candidates who are thoroughly screened and vetted prior to presentation to our clients.

Client access to CKSD Creative team

A friendly, dedicated group of people who will listen to your marketing needs and help you address them through Advertising, Design, Public Relations, Media Planning and Web Design. Each unit has its own specialists who work independently or collectively to provide fully integrated marketing solutions.This is available at a much lower rate for all our clients

CKSD Outsourcing Solutions pricing delivers not only great value, but total transparency making it easy for business of all stature to clearly evaluate the saving that they can achieve through outsourcing. We have clearly outlined our monthly ongoing seat management fee which we invest into our services to add value to your business.

Did You Know ?

CKSD Outsourcing solutions caters for all business sizes so whether you are looking for one off projects or full time staff we have the tools and a comfortable affordable cost

Choose the perfect plan

The prices below are do not contain the wage component of the over all monthly ongoing costs. They do include computers, our SOP software, exclusive access to our creative team


Per month

  • SystemHub
  • 3 month contract
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Training & Upskills
  • computer setup
  • 30 day onboarding
  • Full Oversight
  • Special Teams


Per month

  • SystemHub
  • 12 month Contract
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Training & Upskills
  • computer setup
  • 90 day onboarding
  • Full Oversight
  • Access All Areas


Per month

  • SystemHub
  • 6 month contract
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Training & Upskills
  • 60 day onboarding
  • Full Oversight
  • Special Teams

Frequently asked questions

By outsourcing to the Philippines, business owners can save 40% to 60% on staff costs and take advantage of all the benefits that a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider can deliver, such as talent management, HR services, IT and Administration support, freeing you up to focus on results. In addition, you also reduce your infrastructure and overhead expenses.

The table below shows a side-by-side comparison of labor expenses in Australia and in the Philippines. The Australian hidden costs include on costs, superannuation and leave loading. The Philippines costs include BPO staff management fees as well as wages.

Let’s say you have a small digital marketing team of three people.

In Australia, $250,000 might get you a three-person digital marketing team made up of a marketing assistant, a content writer, and a graphic designer.

In the Philippines, with the same amount of money, you could easily put together a five-person digital marketing team – complete with web developer and SEO specialist – and still save more than $160,000.

With outsourcing, business owners who are either swamped with work or would like to expand their business but are limited by expensive labor costs now have access to the less costly but equally talented global labor force.

Deciding when to start outsourcing parts of your business is a big decision. Based on our experience, there are four major tell-tale signs that it’s time to make a change.

One – If your business is going through financial strain and you’re suffering from increasing overheads and labour costs.

Outsourcing will allow you to hire experienced professionals offshore at a fraction of the cost you are now paying. Combined with lower overheads such as rent, allowances, utilities, insurance and so on each week, the savings quickly add up. In addition, with quality offshoring through a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider, the time you spend on managing HR issues will be significantly reduced.

Two – If each member of your team has to juggle the work of two to three people because you can’t afford to hire people to specialise in these tasks.

This approach is hurting your business and your team. If you want to make the most of your team’s talent and raise overall performance, you need to allow them to specialise in doing what they’re good at. Outsource your back-office tasks and free up the talent and resources you need to focus on your core business that generates income.

Three – If a task or project does not fall within the core competencies of your business.

There are tasks that can be done better by a third party for the same – or sometimes, even lower – cost such as content writing, web development and design, digital marketing. For tasks that lie outside your expertise, outsourcing can significantly boost your efficiency.

Four – If you’re working IN, not ON, your business.

If you spend so much time focusing on your back office, you run out of time to step back and look at your business from the perspective of an owner. If you want your business to grow, you need to take control, plan for growth, and bust through road blocks that prevent most people from succeeding.

If you spend so much time focusing on your back office, you run out of time to step back and look at your business from the perspective of an owner. If you want your business to grow, you need to take control, plan for growth, and bust through road blocks that prevent most people from succeeding.

The short answer is: Yes.

The Philippines counts English as one of its two official languages. Filipinos learn English at school from primary school to university and most of the population is proficient in the language. In addition, during the recruitment process, we take time to thoroughly assess candidates’ English communication skills using a variety of tests

We only put forward candidates for you to interview that we consider proficient at spoken and written English. Of course, you can gauge for yourself during the interview process which is conducted over Skype.

Our recruiting and testing process is extremely rigorous we screen every candidate before they interviewed by clients. Some of our candidates have been dealing with hard and difficult Western clients for many years and love working for Australians & Americans who are usually considered friendly and supportive.

Once they feel confident about their product or service offering there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that these people can’t talk to and build strong relationships with your customers.

Yes – it can take time, but it’s a matter of confidence, not competence.

We strongly advise not to underestimate how highly capable these people are, how quickly they learn and how loyal they can be.

As an outsourcing destination, the Philippines has numerous compelling advantages to offer.

The Philippines is an emerging outsourcing destination with a young robust workforce made up of English-speaking university graduates, a closer cultural alignment to Australia & the USA compared to other Asian countries, with favorable time zones, among other things.

1) Up to 80% lower wages bill. Hiring an experienced customer service agent with excellent English skills will cost you less than A$600 per month in wages  in the Philippines, and this includes all benefits and government contributions. When hiring employees in Australia, not only are you paying between 60 – 80% more in salary costs, you are also paying superannuation, workers comp, annual leave loading, payroll tax, and, potentially, car and phone allowances.

2) Massively reduced overhead costs. In the Philippines, the savings you make on wages are further compounded when you consider how current building and infrastructure costs can be reduced, such as office set up, I.T. infrastructure including computers, telecommunications, and insurances, etc. These costs run into hundreds of thousands of dollars and can disappear or be greatly reduced as a result of outsourcing.

3) English proficiency. Aside from the national language, Filipino, the Philippines also counts English an official language. Filipinos learn English at school from primary school to university and most of the population is proficient in the language. English is widely used in day-to-day activities, especially in the business sector.

4) High percentage of university graduates. Filipinos have an extremely high regard for education, especially Filipino parents, who consider it to be the most important gift they can pass on to their children. Education is also regarded as a key to achieving professional success. Due to the stiff competition in local employment, most parents strive to send their children to uni to give them an edge. According to the Philippine’s Commission on Higher Education (CHED), in year 2013 alone, more than three million Filipinos enrolled in various colleges and universities in the country. These students are expected to graduate in 2017.

5) Government support for the industry. The outsourcing industry is recognized as one of the great contributors to the economic growth that the Philippines has been enjoying in recent years. As a result, the Philippine government strives to push forth policies and initiatives that provide support for the industry, such as improvements in infrastructure, government incentives, and tax exemptions for investors.

6) Cultural affinity with the West. The Philippines was under US rule for almost 50 years. The introduction of the public-school system and the English language during American rule resulted in the Philippines having a higher familiarity and adaptability with ‘Western’ culture compared to other offshore destinations in Asia.

Your staff in the Philippines will work Australian or US hours.

When you are at work, your offshore team are at work. Standard working hours are 9am to 6pm (40 hours per week). Your offshore team will synchronize their working schedule with yours, which means that they will not work during Australian or US public holidays (unless you require them to) and will work during Philippine public holidays. There are twelve (12) Regular Holidays and nine (9) Special Holidays in the Philippines every year.

When there is a public holiday in Australia and your staff don’t work, they will receive their standard pay rate. If they do work, they will receive double time.

When there is a public holiday in the Philippines, your staff will work, and you will pay them a loading of between 30% (for special holidays) and 100% (for legal holidays) as prescribed by the Philippine Labour laws.

Where there is a public holiday in both Philippines and Australia (e.g. over Christmas, New Year and Easter periods), your staff will not work, and you will pay them their standard pay rate. If they do work, then you will pay them double time.

Selecting an excellent outsourcing provider is extremely important as they will guide you step by step through the outsourcing process.

Whilst there is no 100% sure-fire way to choose the right outsourcing partner, there are five important factors that should be considered.

Location. The natural first step to outsourcing is deciding where to outsource. The Philippines is the second most popular outsourcing destination in the world after India for many reasons.

Related: Why outsource to the Philippines

Within the Philippines there are Freeport Zones outside the capital such as Clark which offer a safe environment, a large talent pool and numerous incentives that those in the know can take advantage of in order to maximise their ROI from offshoring.

Data Security. Keeping data safe and assets protected in an offshore environment requires both extensive knowledge and experience. It is vital that you are confident of a potential provider’s data security capabilities before entering into an outsource arrangement.

Business Values. When choosing your outsourcing provider, you also need to consider the intangible aspects. An outsourcing contract is a business partnership. Learn as much as you can about potential providers and see if their business values are aligned or can work with yours.

Working Environment. Along with business values, also learn as much as you can about the environment your offshore team are going to be working in – it’s very important. The happier your employees are, the more motivated they are to work for the success of your business and stay for the long term.

Exit Arrangement. No matter how much you prepare, there are hiccups along the way that you just couldn’t possibly prepare for. Always make sure that you have a suitable exit arrangement with your outsource provider. Also compare the exit arrangements of different outsourcing providers to know which ones are most beneficial for you

CKSD Outsourcing Solutions pricing model is very simple we ask you pay our service fee, which ranges from $700 to $900 per seat plus the wage of your new team member.

Typically let’s say you are taking a virtual assistant on a 12-month contract we charge $700 + wage approx. $500 (25,000 peso) per month = $1,200 a month.

CKSD Outsourcing Solutions service fee covers all our ongoing costs, the work station, management, running costs of the company, including all the value-added costs we incur to bring you the tools needed to make your outsourcing cost effective.

We supply at no cost our SOP software, Roadmap software, all recruitment is free, for our clients in need of specialized services we charge these also at cost. In fact any additional software CKSD believe to vital to improving our clients service we cover the charge.

CKSD Outsourcing Solutions computer set up is complementary 

8GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Drive, Intel i5 7th Gen, 3.8GHz, 2 x 19.5inch Monitors, Web Cam,

CKSD Making Outsourcing Work for You

Why CKSD Outsourcing Solutions 

  • CKSD helps businesses maximise their potential by providing cost-effective, scalable workforce solutions built on highly-skilled staff, modern fully-equipped workspaces and technology to deliver a seamlessly unified global workforce.
  • CKSD adheres to a strict Code of Ethics and Behavior that ensures we deliver working conditions that meet western standards. We comply with all local labor and tax laws and provide a safe and healthy work environment with modern, fully-equipped offices. We value diversity in the workplace and trade ethically.
  • CKSD has a strong sense of community and provide support for our staff, their families and the community as a whole. 
  • CKSD is a technology-focused company. We are constantly searching for new and innovative technologies that remove the limitations associated with remote teams and strive to improve our clients access to latest cost saving technologies. CKSD fully utilizes technology to integrate people and processes to provide whole new levels of communication, efficiency and transparency.
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