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Using a Virtual Assistant Actually Saves You Money

Your time is valuable, and we mean that literally. For example, if you make $100 per hour and you are using your own time to take care of small repetitive tasks instead of paying someone else $25 an hour to do them, you are losing money. Your time should be spent on the important work that moves your business forward and can’t be done by anyone else. The average salary for a personal assistant is $39K per year, but using a Virtual Assistant service is only around $4 to $16K per year which is a substantial savings! And, once you have offloaded those time-consuming tasks to your VA, the potential increase in productivity and sales can have a meaningful impact on your business and budget.

Having A Virtual Assistant Increases Your Productivity

When you run a small business, you wear a lot of different hats, and being responsible for such a wide variety of tasks can leave you feeling stretched too thin. If you often end the day feeling like you got very little accomplished even though you are exhausted, it’s likely your productivity is being bogged down by too many small tasks. For example, if you need to take a trip for a business conference, having a Virtual Assistant do all the searching for the best flight and hotel options (and book them for you) leaves you free to focus on preparing for the conference and the connections you’ll want to make there. Or if you needed research done for a blog article, having your Assistant find you the most relevant and current information means you don’t get distracted or waste time with anything you can’t use.

Using A Virtual Assistant Saves You Time

You only have so many hours in a day, are you spending them on the most productive tasks, or is your time eaten up by endless emails and scheduling? The Harvard Business Review did a 3-year study that shows delegating repetitive, less productive tasks can save up to one-fifth of your productive time per day. That makes it a saving of one full working day in a week. What would you do with an extra day each week? You could use that time making more sales or connecting with more people. Or maybe you could bring more balance to your schedule by having time for personal priorities like going to the gym or spending time with family and friends. Delegating the small stuff allows you to choose the best use of your precious time.

A Virtual Assistant is Less Hassle

There are times when you need to hire someone to work in your office. But if you don’t need physical tasks done like changing the toner in the printer, or signing for the UPS delivery, going with a Virtual Assistant may be the easier choice. Often, finding the right person involves a tedious cycle of recruiting, hiring, training, and firing which you repeat until you get the right fit. This is extremely costly both time and money wise and can have a negative impact on your office culture and your clientele. With a Virtual Assistant you are free from the worries of payroll costs or offering benefits, and there’s no need for office space or equipment. Using a Virtual Assistant service gives you all the benefits of the help you need without the hassles you don’t.

Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

5 things a business should outsource

Most small business owners and entrepreneurs have considered the question of whether or not to hire additional help. If you are just starting out, looking to expand, or simply need to become more organized and efficient, the need to delegate common administrative tasks is a typical problem. Knowing you need help is the easy part but making the decision of how to get that help is a little more daunting. Is it better to hire in-house or do you need a Virtual Assistant? Is a VA cost effective? What are the real benefits to the business and the user if you hire a Virtual Assistant? Fully supported and co-managed Virtual Assistants to give you more time to work on your business. Listed below are 25 tasks to outsource to a general assistant

  • Email Management/Filtering
  • Setting up Autoresponders (Aweber, Mailchimp)
  • Booking appointments with clients
  • Following up with clients/customers (sending thank you and other reminder emails)
  • Receptionist duties (answering occasional calls)
  • Calendar Management
  • File Management (organizing files using Dropbox etc.)
  • Database building (e.g. updating email or contact lists on your CRM)
  • Research on certain topics for blogposts, newsletters or others
  • Personal errands (purchasing gifts for loved ones / family members online)
  • Hotel and Flight Booking
  • Transcription (transcribing voicemail, video or audio, podcasts etc.)
  • Taking down minutes of meetings
  • Creating basic reports (reports on weekly tasks, deliverables, sales)
  • Preparing Slideshows (PowerPoint Presentations)
  • Liaison between you and other team members
  • Recruitment (source for other team members like writers or graphic artists)
  • Set-up Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube)
  • Manage and update Social Media Accounts
  • Manage your Blog (Basic WordPress Skills)
  • Publish posts on your Blog (content you provided)
  • Filter and reply to comments on your blog
  • Answering support tickets (with the use of Zendesk)
  • Blog commenting (to increase links to your site)
  • Participating in discussion forums or message boards (more promotion!

Tasks for a digital marketer,

Below is a list of jobs you can outsource to a digital marketer. CKSD provides you with a free marketing blueprint so if you are not the digital savvy, no need to worry we have you covered, all you need to do is sit back and relax the digital marketer will execute the blueprint for you

  • contribute to social media engagement and brand awareness campaigns;
  • use web analytics software to monitor the performance of client websites and make recommendations for improvement;
  • contribute to company and industry blogs and manage e-communications;
  • assist with paid media – including liaising with digital advertising agencies;
  • develop and integrate content marketing strategies;
  • keep up to date with current digital trends;
  • manage the contact database and assist with lead generation activities;
  • negotiate with media suppliers to achieve the best price for clients.
  • create and upload copy and images for the organization’s website;
  • write and dispatch email marketing campaigns;
  • provide accurate reports and analysis to clients and company management to demonstrate effective return on investment (ROI);
  • research new online media opportunities that may benefit the business including mobile, social media, development of blogs and forums;
  • design website banners and assist with web visuals;
  • communicate with clients, affiliate networks and affiliate partners;
  • conduct keyword research and web statistics reporting;
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CKSD Outsourcing Solutions can provide multi-departmental teams that are custom-built to individual requirements. By providing structured teams of talented, dedicated staff and the tools to provide seamless integration, CKSD can rapidly deploy solutions that can support many departments in an organization.

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